Wiley x spear rail attachment strap-system for helmets

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The Wiley X Rail Attachment System (RAS) is created, as the result of battlefield experience. The It is designed to secure a professional and reliable compatible fit with the Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC) mounted on your tactical helmet. The RAS provide an alternative to the traditional goggle strap and is easy to mount on your SPEAR or NERVE goggle frame through the included RAS buckle.

The RAS includes two short straps with two Rail Attachment Clips and two Rail Attachment Bars to guarantee a perfect fit of the ARC helmet rails available on the market. The RAS gives you a secure and easy handling when using goggles with an adjustable strap together with your helmet. You can rely on your goggle strap being in place at all times, without any risk of sliding of the helmet in a fast-moving environment.

Mounted to the sides of the helmet, the unique, streamlined design of the Accessory Rail Connectors allow for the quick, easy, and secure handling of helmet borne goggles. The RAS clip has an easy click-on system for the attachment directly to a helmet. The RAS can easily be installed to the goggle. Simply remove the regular strap buckle and click on the RAS's buckle. The system is designed to emergency release accessories at 8ft-lbs (11 Newton meters) of torque to prevent neck injuries. When seconds count, you will benefit from the advancements offered by the RAS together with your Wiley X goggle: Easy handling, practical use, multiple secure stowage options.

The RAS system set contains both quick clips and the shoes-rail adapters to give the user the option to choose which system best suits the task or mission given. The fact that the Wiley X RAS kit contains both adapter sets also allows the user to combine multiple systems on the helmet by choice due to the flexibility to ensure the best performance and requirements for the tasks.

This particular WX Rail Attachment System is specifically developed to fit your Wiley X goggle to your tactical helmet with ARC rails. If you have a Team Wendy EXFIL® helmet, please choose the WX RAS strap system that accommodates this fit.


  • Strap width 25mm
  • Easy strap fitting system
  • Clips with quick release system can be mounted to upper center clips position
  • Shoes rail adapter system can be mounted to upper or lower dovetails, to provide flexibility for the user
  • Quick release and attachment to the rail system
  • Durable construction
  • Available in tan and black