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Produced by Viper Tactical as a drop in pouch to fit within their VX series utility and tactical chest rigs. Gone are the days of MOLLE. The VX pouch range is created to drop within a kangaroo style main pouch. This keeps everything literally closer to your chest.

Being Velcro faced on both front and back, you can insert the pouch any way you like and not worry about anything being backwards. You can position the pouch anywhere from left, centre to right side of the internal Velcro pouch of your rig.

The bottom of this particular pouch is completely open to allow for the muzzle of the pistol to poke through. The top of the pouch has a nylon strap with press stud that is designed to go around the hang grip of your pistol to retain it. 

Available in a variety of colours, the pouch also expands to a width of 40mm allowing for pistols with accessories fitted to also be holstered in one unit.


  • Velcro VX fitting
  • Open bottom for muzzle to go through
  • Expands to over 40mm in width
  • Press studded retention loop
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Position-able anywhere within your VX rig 

Package Includes:

  • Viper Tactical - VX Pistol Sleeve