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silent dry pioneer dehumidifier, 20L dehumidifier stone

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  • 【IDEA for DEHUMIDIFY】Dehumidifier Stone, Pioneer, is an innovative product to keep gun safe. The stone absorbs moisture in the air and reduces humidity exists in your case. Protect your guns and airsoft to avoid from damp.
  • 【HOW to USE】One piece is suitable for space up to 20L pistol cases. Effectively control the humidity to less than 60% RH. Lasts up to 4 weeks.
  • 【EASY TO USE & ODOR-FREE】NO cables or batteries required. Perfectly replace traditional desiccant bags and beads. It will start absorbing moisture and show the humidity status with different color.
  • 【WIRELESS & FAST RENEW】Just use microwave to heat up for 9 mins only and available to reuse again, oven is also one of the renew option.
  • 【BEFORE YOU USED】Due to the possibility of moisture absorption during production and shipment, it is recommended to heat up the stone when indicator shows wet at first time.
  • 【SUITABLE for CONFINED SPACE】Gun/Pistol/Rifle case, camera storage, outdoor backpacks, gym bags, instrument safe.
  • 【PROTECTIVE & TACTICAL DESIGN】The military design of this compact dehumidifier can perfectly fit in with the case of your guns and airsoft. The protective frame can also avoid collision.
  • 【REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY】No waste or accumulation of water while dehumidifying, environmental friendly dehumidifier. With worldwide patent, our product has no leaking issue and is eco-friendly. 100% Made in Taiwan, quality guaranteed.