Nuprol fast railed sf air helmet

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  • Solid Construction - Keeps the Rain Off!
  • Foam Liner with Ventilation Holes
  • Side Rails & NVG/ Camera Mount
  • Can be used with certain NP Face Shields
  • Headband Groove for Comms Headsets

Complete the military look with the NP FAST Railed SF Helmet.


Manufactured from durable Polypropylene and internally padded with thick sponge cushions for comfort. The helmets roughed surface provides low reflectivity, keeping you hidden when prowling the outer edges of the airsoft field. A forward mount for Cameras/ NVGs as well as side rails for further accessories ensure this helmet is ready for when you want to go ‘tactical’. The side rails also feature 'buckle holes' to be used with compatible face protection. Internally, a deep-cut band has been provided in the top to allow the helmet to be used with a variety of communication headsets. Plenty of Velcro strips are mounted to the outside for you to ‘pin your colours’ with your collection of Airsoft Patches.