NEW OD WX VALOR 2.5 Lenses: Grey/Clear/Light Rust Frame: Matte OD Green

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  • Rise up to the challenge!

    Whether you are at the indoor range, or in the great outdoors, WX VALOR stands up to its name. We have applied a sleek and modern design to a durable, semi-rimless frame, with rubberized nose pads, and the incorporation of subtle lines and curves to the rubber-tipped temples, for a secure and comfortable fit with a sporty touch. The WX VALOR has a light and easy look, suitable for any activity.

  • Grey/Clear/Light Rust lenses

    The grey lenses absorb all colors equally, making them preserve the same color perception as without sunglasses. They are perfect in bright light conditions, they ensure maximum glare reduction, and are perfect for all outdoor activities in bright conditions.
    100% UVA/UVB protective

    With these clear lenses you get maximum light transmission, making you see the precise color values. Ideal for hazy or overcast weather, as well as dusk/dawn conditions and indoor use.
    100% UVA/UVB protective

    Light Rust
    The light rust lenses filter out most blue light waves (HEV), which is the key component of glare and haze. They enhance contrasts in medium to low light conditions, making them ideal for many outdoor and indoor activities.
    100% UVA/UVB protective

  • Highlights

    - Rubberized nose pads
    - Rubberized temples