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WoSport Chronograph

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The WoSport chronograph is great value for money but there is more than meets the eye with this chronograph. First of all it comes in at a great price point when compared to others on the market. The unit boasts high precision readings with 0.35% errors. The unit can also support 8 languages which it displays on a liquid crystal display.

This chrono has a lot of adjustments that can be made in weight and diameter and displays readouts in both meters per second and feet per second. You can also track rounds per minute and rounds per second too. The Chrono also has a Bluetooth function and has a QR code on the underside which you can scan to download the app. This boasts good response times and adjust-ability on the fly. This also acts as a second screen if you don't want to slump over to read the results. Why not check out our video included above where we go into all the exciting features.