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  • Red Dot Sight
  • 20mm Tactical Rail
  • Light Enhancing Sights

A gas blowback pistol from RAVEN, which features a built-in Red Dot Sight, Low Light Ironsights and a Tactical Rail to make sure that you're the most dangerous fish in the pond. This is the ultimate out-of-the-box Operator Package.



  • Integrated Red Dot Sight
  • 20mm Tactical Rail
  • Drilled Trigger
  • Low-light Ironsights
  • 11mm Threaded Barrel
  • Alloy outer construction
  • CO2 conversion parts included
  • Lower Lanyard loop
  • Stippled/textured grips
  • 15rnd Gas Magazine
  • Beavertail safety
  • Slide lock safety
  • Locks open on empty
  • NUPROL RAVEN series pistol
  • Barrel tool included

Package Includes:

  • 1911/MEU Railed + BDS
  • 15rnd Gas Magazine
  • CO2 Conversion Parts
  • Barrel Removal Tool
  • RAVEN PVC Patch
  • Cleaning Cloth