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  • The G&G BAMF Recon AEG is a licensed rifle based on the same race gun from Cobalt Kinetics.
  • This AEG features the same automatic last round mag drop feature seen in the real fire arm, making the process of ejecting the magazine and reloading extremely fast and efficient.
  • Internally the BAMF AEG is built upon the same technology that powers the latest generation G&G AEGs that have taken the world by storm.
  • Built around a competition platform, this AEG is meant to both shoot and handle FASTER than any other AEG
  • Virtually the entire gun is made from high strength aluminium, including the lower receiver and pistol grip combination.
  • The flash hider and buffer tube are finished in a phenomenal neon blue colour.
  • Extended magazine catch allows for super fast changes when used with regular M4 magazines.
  • The included 90rd magazine is of the auto-eject variety; when the last BB leaves the magazine, a catch pops out and self ejects the magazine. This allows for super fast reloads in competition shoots.
  • Also sports a short-throw selector switch for fast movement between fire modes.
  • Despite the use of lightweight materials, the gun still comes in a hefty 3.6kg.
  • This is also a large rifle, with a total length of 940mm.
  • Sports G&G’s tried and tested ETU (electronic trigger unit), giving super fast trigger response.