tokyo marui p90 tr

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-Total length: 504 mm, (when fitted with compensator) / 670 mm, (when fitted with silencer)
-Weight: 2,100 g (empty magazine, including battery)
-Mag Capacity: 68

A variation of the standard FN P90, the TR version replaces the integrated red-dot scope with an RIS sight rail, and provides two additional side rails for the installation of accessories. A full metal SOCOM silencer is included as well. The color of the body is a slightly lighter grey to differentiate the TR version with the standard version. The RIS rail thus allows users to install a scope of their choice. Comes with original metal flash-hider should you desire to revert to operating in an un-silenced mode of battle! Magazine has convincingly real looking rounds within.

[The set includes] P90TR body, magazine (68 rounds), protective cap, site adjustment tool, hexagonal wrench, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BBs (0.2g / 200 rounds)

-Equipped with variable hop-up system
-Full-auto (repeated) / Semi-auto (single-shot) firing modes
-Total length 504 mm (with compensator) / 670 mm (with silencer)
-Gun height 247 mm
-Weight 2,100 g (empty magazine, including battery)