rzr .28g bbs 2200 rnd

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  • IMPROVE YOUR GAME – triple polished and manufactured at 5.95 mm with a low tolerance of (+/- 0.01 mm), you can expect improved flight performance and reduced feeding issues with RZRs premium quality BBs
  • QUALITY CONTROL – using quality ammunition is essential to your performance on the field. RZR BBs undergo multiple QC checks throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring a tier-1 Airsoft BB
  • TRIED & TESTED – with over 1 BILLION (1,000,000,000) individual RZR BBs purchased and fired by Airsoft Enthusiasts across the globe, you can feel confident in your choice of ammunition
  • LIGHTWEIGHT (0.20 – 0.28g) – Lighter weight BBs provide the best £/shot ratio. They will travel at faster speeds but due to their light weight, are susceptible to windy conditions. This makes them perfect for CQB engagements and players ensuring ‘accuracy by volume’. For improved accuracy & range, consider a heavier weight BB
  • HIGH DENSITY POLYMER – Constructed of a dense polystyrene with heavier weight BBs using natural, non-toxic & non-ferrous materials to increase their mass. RZR Standard BBs are of a premium quality with excellent performance ensured