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Just like the real thing, the T4-18 418 is constructed largely from Alloy; featuring Alloy Upper and Lower Receiver groups, Railed Handguard and Outer Barrel. Only the Stock and Pistol Grip are constructed from Polymer, which is Lightweight and Durable. The Pistol Grip features an Ergonomic Textured surface, which ensures that users always maintain a firm hold on the Airsoft gun. As part of G&Gs premier Upgraded Internals Series, this Airsoft gun features Electric Pneumatic Blowback, a feature which creates a small but noticeable sensation of Recoil, allowing users to simulate the recoil of a real rifle. The gun comes with a 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel as standard, resulting in improved accuracy out of the box. The Handguard is a replica of the 416s, featuring quad 20mm RIS Rails, allowing the installation of all manner of accessories, such as Grips, Laser/Light Modules or even Grenade Launchers. The Full length upper 20mm RIS Rail allows users to fit Scopes or Optics, to enhance their ability to acquire and engage targets while Airsofting. The Stock of the weapon is adjustable, featuring up to 6 positions, and has a rubberised butt plate to prevent slipping. The weapon features a 'Decocking' Forward assist, which allows you to release the tension on the spring for storage, increasing the life-span of the weapon. If youre looking for a standard sized 416D replica, or simply want an incredibly practical and tactical Airsoft gun, then the TR4-18 418 is a solid choice.

Other Features: 

  • Electric Pneumatic Blowback Design
  • Based on the Standard Sized HK416D
  • Part of G&G's 'Upgraded Internals' Range
  • Carbine Length 10'' Outer Barrel
  • 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
  • Removable Front and Rear Sight
  • Four Point 20mm RIS / RAS Rail System
  • Full Length Top Rail For Sights and Scopes
  • Two Side Rails for Torches and Lasers
  • Bottom Rail for Grips and Launchers
  • Textured Pistol Grip for extra Hold
  • 6 Position Adjustable Crane Stock
  • Bayonet Lug
  • Mock charging Handle
  • Forward Assist de-cocks Spring to improve the life-span of the weapon
  • Solid feeling design
  • Rear Sling Plate
  • Fluted Magazine Well

Package Includes:

  • GT Advanced 418 Electric Blowback AEG - Black
  • Magazine
  • User Manual

Special Instructions:

Please note that due to the construction of the Blow Back system, to function properly, the magazine must be full and inserted into the weapon. This is because the weapon uses the pressure built up by the BB blocking the Air in the Barrel to move the Bolt Plate.