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Brand G&G
Length(mm) 940
Weight (g) 3690
Fire Modes Single; Auto; Burst
Barrel Length (mm) 430
Main Materials Metal; Aluminium; Polymer
Compatible Magazines GG-MG-163

Featuring G&Gs GT Advanced G2 System with the following improvements & features.


  • Enhanced, Reinforced G2 Gearbox
  • A.D.A.M Auto-Drop-Advance-Magazine System
  • ETU + MOSFET with Burst Control Feature
  • Bolt Lock
  • Quick Change Spring


Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team

Known to be one of the most innovated firearm manufacturers from Utah, USA, Cobalt Kinetics wins the hearts of sport shooters worldwide. In early 2019, G&G debut the first Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team Airsoft gun at Shot Show, it certainly drea alot of attention from Airsofters. G&G faithfully replicated the Auto-Drop magazine function and included G&Gs latest G2 gearbox system including the power-cut safety and advance ETU trigger unit. The G&G BAMF is a bold solid Airsoft gun for those looking for futuristic, purpose driven and high performance AEG.